Old Chicago Common Brick, along with reclaimed brick from other major Midwest cities is the most popular single type of brick in use today.

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Common brick are manufactured from natural clay deposits quarried in the areas closest to the various brick manufacturing plants. They clay was deposited thousands of years ago as a result of glacier melt that formed the Great Lakes. Each brick begins its story with its color, the brick from Milwaukee are cream, brick from North Chicago are buff to beige, brick from the many plants there were located primarily on the southside of Chicago are the most popular ranging from salmon to pink to dark pink. Brick from Gary Indiana, orange to red… from Detroit they are orange while St. Louis brick are deep red to maroon. All of these beautiful color ranges resulting naturally and will hold true over time, something that sets our vintage commons apart from newly manufacture facing brick.


When you choose Stockyards Brick not only will you give your clients a time tested natural product, you will also give them a piece of history. We reclaim all of our brick from buildings all over the midwest and we can tell you where you brick came from. Every brick on our yard has a story and we can’t wait to share that story with you and your clients.


We sell our brick by the thousand which helps us offer you the best available pricing for your orders. Please call to order.




3 1/2″


2 1/4″


530 bricks/pallet


Truckload = 18 pallets


Chicago Common Brick: Buff, Salmon, Dark Pink
Milwaukee Cream City Brick: Cream, Light Gray, Ash
Detroit Commons: Orange, Rust

St. Louis Reds: Red, Deep Red, Burgandy
Cincinnati Reds: Medium Red, Red


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