We specialize in Antique Chicago Common Brick, Vintage Clay Street Pavers, and Granite Cobblestone Pavers. When you choose Stockyards Brick, not only will you give your clients a time tested, natural product, you will also give them a piece of history.

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We specialize in sourcing unique, quality reclaimed wood that will make your flooring, cabinetry, furniture, office, interior or exterior project distinguished and unmatchable. Our wide selection of reclaimed wood from around the world ensures we have options to fit your design.

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Each one of our products at Stockyards Brick has stood the test of time. The color variations and the wear from years of weather and use from old carriages and vintage automobiles has created an exceptional patina that newly manufactured products cannot match. Our team has carefully salvaged each one of our products and we are proud to be able to share a piece of history with you.


At Stockyards Brick and Timber, we want to make sure that you leave knowing you have the perfect piece for your project. All of our pieces are one of a kind reclaimed items that you will not find anywhere else. We look forward to making your dream project become a reality!


Our in-house woodwork artisan Atis Trezuns specializes in building custom tables,
furniture, cabinetry and transforming entire spaces with reclaimed wood.

At Stockyards Brick & Timber, each piece of timber has a story and every woodworking project is custom. Our mission is to help designers, architects and clients achieve their unique vision. All our work is rooted in the belief that the use of reclaimed materials steeped in history add richness and depth to modern design.


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