Reclaimed Wood for Flooring

Our vast inventory of reclaimed wood is harvested from iconic buildings and historical structures. Reclaimed materials offer one of a kind character that can only be created by time. History lives on in flooring created from old timbers reclaimed from historic buildings. Our reclaimed wood for flooring is sold either "as is" or prepared to your specifications. Call us at 872-444-5440 or email us for a custom quote.



We deconstructed two huge factory buildings in Chicago where the floors were composed of maple flooring from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Most flooring is 5/8’ thick these days, but this reclaimed maple is 1 ¼” x 2 ½”.  Our virgin maple was harvested in the late 1800s by two logging companies that originally were pine loggers. The maple is cured, hardened and beautiful.  Many pieces are curly maple, birds eye maple and pecky maple, with lots of character. It can be reused as flooring, wall cladding thin wood cladding with a lot of different finish options.  It comes worn, gray, fresh cut showing unique grain patterns or even refinished.  This reclaimed maple is super durable and should last another 200 years.


Old growth, exotic Brazilian Mahagony has unmatched durability, high density and is extremely beautiful. Acquiring this wood was one of our craziest endeavors. Our reclaimed Brazilian Mahogany is certified and 600 years old.


Available in 1/12″ thick in varying widths and lengths.

Natural coloring of dark red to purple brown.


400 years old, virgin U.S. hardwood that was growing when the settlers came to the U.S. It was the framing and structure for buildings from 1870-1920.


Available in Various Dimensions and Sizes



Most people think that Pine is too soft or flooring. However, our Southern Yellow Heart Pine has a ring pattern that is incredibly dense, with 10 rings per inch. The wood is so old, seasoned, cured and much stronger than typical pine sold for flooring.


Our Southern Yellow Heart Pine was reclaimed from the framing and structural supports of commercial buildings built prior to 1920. Massive amounts of timber from the Southeastern U.S., that when harvested was already hundreds of years old, was used in these buildings. Since the pine trees grew naturally, they were most often seedlings very close to one another.  The trees had to fight for sun and nourishment and hence grew quite slowly.  This is the primary reason their ring pattern is so dense and the wood so much harder and durable than new pine.  These trees grew slowly and naturally. We have beams in inventory with 200 rings on a 14” square center cut beam.


Our largest Southern Pine beams are from two Chicago buildings.  One is the former St. James Catholic Church at 29th and Wabash. The other is the former Pullman Couch Company complex where 1/3 of the structures were destroyed by a huge fire in January 2013.  The massive fire was deemed the “Chicago Ice Fire” and we have many partially burnt beams from this structure that have an unusual, awesome texture and appearance.


Large supply of 2.5”x7.5”x22’ decking. Grade A.


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