Woodworking @ Stockyards

We do more than just bricks and timber. We always provide some of the best woodworking the industry has the offer, and we're the only company to offer it tandem to reclaimed building materials.


Our reclaimed thin wood offers a truly exquisite, one of a kind look. Plus, our thin wood is distinguished, yet competitively priced. It can be boxed, shipped, and ready for easy installation within days of a receiving a quote.


Perfect for walls, flooring, shelving, or any other home interior project. There’s no better time to renovate your home, so go with the affordable, sustainably sourced thin wood Stockyards has to offer.


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Woodworking - Fuller House Specs


Our custom-made woodworking projects are impeccable. Custom fit to your exact specifications, our team of artisans can transform your dreams into reality.


We work with designers to create pieces custom fit to any aesthetic. We’ve done projects with local restaurants, coffee shops, and malls. We’re always looking flex our creative muscles so contact us today about potential projects.


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Work with us to create a customized design perfect for gifts, decorations, and everything in between. Made in-house by our very own Edger Irineo, our laser-engraved wood pieces are the cherry on top of our custom woodworking offerings.


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Custom wood engravings