Wreckers and Demolition Companies

To wreckers and demolition companies:


We’re always in the market for new brick and timber. We understand that finding customers for demolition salvage can be a headache. Between pricing discrepancies and disagreements about who should do the work reclaiming the wreckage, simply disposing of old material may seem like the easy, stress-free option. While that may be the case with other reclaim companies, our team at Stockyards Brick and Timber prioritize a painless process for you. We:


  • Pay competitive prices
  • Stack on site
  • Bring our own crew
  • AND…. we always pay in full and on time


One man’s trash is another man’s treasurer, so, don’t put old brick and timber to waste. Make a quick, easy buck by having us take care of your garbage.


For all inquiries, contact us at 872-444-5440 or email us at info@stockyardsbrick.com