We’ve all been there before: you look around your newly remodeled bedroom, office, kitchen, etc. It looks great, and you can’t wait to show your friends, but there’s one thing missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it. You want a personalized, “this is me” feel to the space, but you can’t shake the haunting suspicion that your HGTV-looking remodel looks too copy-and-paste. Or, your office decides to throw a secret Santa gift exchange. You’re stuck with that one awkward, relationship-hasn’t-evolved-past-small-talk-in-the-elevator coworker, and the only thing you know about him is that he loves the Cubs. Better yet, there’s a week left until Christmas, and you still haven’t gotten that significant other anything. You’re fresh out of ideas, and the humor in getting them a wacky sweater flamed out years ago.


Lucky for you, we have the tell-all solution: custom laser-engraved wood carvings that give any situation a personalized touch. Affordable enough to stay under your office’s white elephant budget, while opulent enough to fit right alongside an HGTV catalog. Done in-house by our very own Edgar Irineo, our custom wood engravings can come as simple as an iPhone case, or as sophisticated as an ornate headboard.


Edgar loves what he does and is always working for new projects. Contact us today for a quote today!