Pullman Couch Factory Salvage

Burnt Beams Now Available

Pullman Couch Factory Salvage

New to our inventory:


Beams reclaimed from the Pullman Couch Factory. Back in the winter of 2013, the building burned down during what became known as the Chicago Ice Fire. Charred from the fire, these beams are a beautiful mix of hardwoods unique to Stockyards’ timber collection. You can purchase them as-is or processed to any specification you’d like at Stockyards Brick and Timber.


These one-of-a-kind pieces of Chicago history are great for:
– fireplace mantles
– counter/bar accent pieces
– column wraps
– framing
– benches
– …anything creative


Please email brian@stockyardstimber.com for pricing and viewing.


Read more about the history of the Chicago Ice Fire, click on the link below: