Mellody Farms

In one of our biggest undertakings since the company’s inception, our work with B. Good: Food with Roots is some of our best. Located at the Mellody Farm Shopping Center in Vernon Hills, IL, this project was a unique opportunity for us. This is the farthest north we’ve ventured outside of Chicago, and it turned out great! We’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand our reach. Thus, this is the perfect demonstration that we have the skills to excel outside of our comfort zone.


Company Profile: B. Good: Food with Roots is an internationally expanding food chain. They have franchises all over the U.S. from California to Vermont. They didn’t stop there, though, as they have locations in Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. How have they been able to spread so fast and so far? A quality, sustainably-sourced supply chain. The management at B. Good emphasize the importance of high standards in animal welfare. They seem themselves as less of a restaurants and more of an engine for change in the food industry. By setting an example for how food should be sourced and prepared, and making great food in the process, we’re happy to have partnered with them on this project. We hope that the next time you find yourself in Vernon Hills, you check out B. Good.