Our Salvage Inventory

Our Salvage Inventory

We salvage antiques directly from demolition sites. Like our brick and timber, we preserve these pieces with the utmost care. Some marquee sites include St. James Catholic Church and Lake Shore Athletic Club.

Back in the winter of 2018, St. James Catholic Church underwent major renovations. Having stood 90 years prior to the undertaking, the cathedral was as deeply rooted in history as any site Stockyards has dealt with. From the wreckage by-product of the renovation, Stockyards salvaged prime salvage pieces. Most notably, we recovered marble compositions of the Stations of the Cross. Also, we rescued a select number of pews from the cathedral. With the proper creative mind, these pieces can be integrated into zealous landscaping projects, home renovations, etc.

The upheaval of Lakeshore Athletic Club in Chicago’s East Loop was one of the more ambitious renovations in recent memory. From the remnants of the project, Stockyards reclaimed premium wrought iron beams. One of our more under-the-radar products, the wrought iron beams are available for affordable prices. So, browse our inventory to find that piece you didn’t know your project was missing.

So, check out our unique collection of salvaged artifacts. Other than light weathering, these pieces are in pristine condition. We’ll be adding new items in the weeks to come, too. For pricing inquiries, call us at (872)444-5440 or shoot us an email at info@stockyardsbrick.com today!